Sesame Dressing


I had never heard of sesame dressing until college. Sesame was only those things on hamburger buns for decoration to me. I had no idea how tasty those little seeds and the oil made from them were. The school cafeteria was out of my favorite dressing one day so I picked a new one at random and decided to give it a shot on my garden salad. I was in love from that … [Read more...]

Superfast Chili

Superfast Chili

Growing up, we would visit family in the south a lot. I loved spending time with my grandmother, who taught me how to cook. This was always my favorite thing she would cook. It was also the very first dish she taught me how to make. Every winter I make this a dozen times and think of her, the way she would line up all the cans of beans and tomatoes and the jar of salsa and … [Read more...]

Mushroom Miso Soup with Ground Turkey


If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant, you might have had some miso soup. It’s one of my favorites: exotic yet warm and comforting. It’s the perfect appetizer before digging into some sushi. My husband and I went to a Japanese restaurant for our first date. I’d never had sushi before but he convinced me to give it a try. We fell in love over miso soup and raw fish. Now ever … [Read more...]

Beet, Edamame and Egg Salad

This recipe was inspired by a dear friend of mine. She threw a baby shower for me and organized all of the food. A salad much like this one was the centerpiece and it was so delicious. The rest of the food was great of course too, but once I ate the salad, I had cravings for it long after the baby came. Of course I asked for the recipe and gave it my own unique tastes. Now … [Read more...]

Fruit-Stacked Sticks


This is my kids’ absolute favorite dessert, even more than candy and ice cream. It is way more than just fruit on a stick. We like to make these in the summer, especially when we grill outside. It’s perfect for breezy summer evenings when the sun has finally set and it’s not quite as hot. My husband throws some burgers on the grill while I make the syrup. Then I let the fruit … [Read more...]