Vegetable Meatballs


Getting kids to eat their vegetables is always a struggle. From a young age, it is ingrained in us to crave sweets. So how do you get your kids to eat vegetables and like them? Make them fun of course. My kids love when I make these meatballs. The first time I made these, they didn’t believe there were vegetables in them because they were so delicious, despite the funny c … [Read more...]

Beet, Edamame and Egg Salad

This recipe was inspired by a dear friend of mine. She threw a baby shower for me and organized all of the food. A salad much like this one was the centerpiece and it was so delicious. The rest of the food was great of course too, but once I ate the salad, I had cravings for it long after the baby came. Of course I asked for the recipe and gave it my own unique tastes. Now … [Read more...]

Salmon Cakes with Green Onion, Ginger & Garlic

I used to visit this little restaurant, a hole in the wall really, that served the best salmon cakes. They were flaky, moist and perfectly seasoned. We moved to another city a few years ago, and I always miss those salmon cakes. One day, I decided to look up how to make them and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I tweaked this recipe and that recipe until I … [Read more...]

Strawberry Banana Shake

Your kids probably love milkshakes, who doesn’t? Our family used to have a tradition of getting milkshakes at our favorite ice cream shop every summer. When it closed down, we wanted to continue our tradition, so I started making shakes at home. But I wondered, how could I make it healthy without sacrificing flavor? This recipe was a hit. My kids don’t even notice the lack of … [Read more...]

Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie

This recipe reminds me of the chocolate covered cherries my husband used to buy me every Valentine’s Day. They were delicious and so rich, but so terribly bad for you. When I started learning more about the foods we ate, I wasn’t happy with the artificial flavorings and corn syrup in those rich little candies. This smoothie gives me all the richness and flavoring of the can … [Read more...]