Turkey Lasagne


I love lasagna. It is easily my favorite pasta dish and up there with my favorite dishes of all time. I like it vegetarian, I like it with beef or chicken, or any kind of odd combination people can come up with. If it’s served between sheets of lasagna and baked, I’ll try it. This is one of my favorite versions of lasagna. It’s classic without being boring or too predi … [Read more...]

Superfast Chili

Superfast Chili

Growing up, we would visit family in the south a lot. I loved spending time with my grandmother, who taught me how to cook. This was always my favorite thing she would cook. It was also the very first dish she taught me how to make. Every winter I make this a dozen times and think of her, the way she would line up all the cans of beans and tomatoes and the jar of salsa and … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Squash


Spaghetti squash is one of my favorite vegetables and it’s a big hit in our house. It’s a vegetable masquerading as pasta, what’s not to love? We even started growing them in our backyard garden. It is definitely one of those foods that no one will believe is what it is. The first time I prepared it for my kids, they were very skeptical that this big yellow vegetable could lo … [Read more...]

Beet, Edamame and Egg Salad

This recipe was inspired by a dear friend of mine. She threw a baby shower for me and organized all of the food. A salad much like this one was the centerpiece and it was so delicious. The rest of the food was great of course too, but once I ate the salad, I had cravings for it long after the baby came. Of course I asked for the recipe and gave it my own unique tastes. Now … [Read more...]

Sesame Crusted Catfish with Geechee Peanut Sauce

This recipe reminds me of my grandfather. Catfish was one of his favorite foods, along with the polenta and okra. When I was young, he used to take me fishing. I never caught anything, but he’d always catch one or two decent sized fish for dinner. The catfish were always the funniest looking ones he’d catch, but he’d get pretty excited. We’d bring it home and he would clean i … [Read more...]