8 Ways to Rekindle Romance

I won’t lie. It has happened to my marriage and in truth it happens to even the best of us. Our relationship is in a slump and we desperately just want to create a spark to get things back to how they were when things were new. Well, today were going to discuss how:

1. Intentionality.

Sometimes relationships start to head south when intentionality stops. In the beginning of your relationship, you probably did everything intentionally—you made efforts to look your best and act your best. You thought of things that would make the other person happy. You put them first. Now that you have both gotten more comfortable with each other, you don’t have to be intentional any more.

You can just assume they don’t ever have plans. You can guarantee that they will like you even if you aren’t dressed your best. Getting to this level of trust is not a bad thing, but it can damage a relationship when the intentionality goes away. Try being more intentional about the other person in the same way that you were when you first met them.

2. Communication.

Romance can start to die because communication declines, and in some cases, completely disappears. It can be easy to take communication for granted, especially with technology. It seems like you are “communicating” all the time because of the constant influx of texting and social media.

However, are you actually talking about anything that matters? Better yet, are you listening? Talking is only half of communication. Listening is crucial. Be sure to listen well to your significant other so that you know what they want and need.

3. Date Night

Although it seems redundant to say that you need to date someone you are married to or in a relationship with, it is worth repeating, especially if you have children. Many couples get so used to each other that they stop dating each other. There is none of the “magic” that was present at first.

You have to be intentional about dating your significant other. Be sure to make time to spend with each other that goes beyond just watching movies at home. Do something exciting and fun that you don’t normally do. Spice things up with new date ideas. Make sure that you both remember why you liked each other in the first place!

4. Show That You Care.

This is obvious, right? Care about the person you love. However, even if you actually do care deep down about them, it might not be showing. Show them that you care. Remind them that you love them and that you chose them by doing something unexpected.

Sometimes, this is all it can take to remind that person that you actually do care about them. This is one of those qualities in a relationship that needs to be addressed or it could result in a feeling of being unloved. Do something unexpected today!